Country Gardens Estate Launch

Be On of The 1st to view!! This concept is a first in South Africa. The Eco- Friendly Development will blow your mind

Advantages Of New Build Properties

No Chain. One of the biggest advantages of buying a new build is the fact you won’t be buying into a chain. That means, as soon as your finances are in place, you can look to complete the purchase.

Essential steps to follow when buying your first home in 2021

If there ever was a time to make buying your first home a new year’s resolution, 2021 would be the year. With interest rates at historic lows and slowed house price appreciation, there has never been a more appealing time for first-time buyers to enter the market than right now.

5 Defects to look out for when buying a home

Purchasing a property is a major investment that should be considered carefully. On the surface, a home could be stunning, but there might be underlying issues that, if overlooked, could cost you a lot to repair.

Ways to renovate for resale and not overcapitalise

When you’re selling your home, you want to sell it at the best possible price and one way to do that is to renovate. There are certain renovations that can significantly increase your sale price – they might be a bit costly on the pocket, but it will be a return on investment in the end. Mike Greef

Home Loan Charges and Repayments

What are Home Loan Prepayment Charges? A prepayment penalty is a fee or charges that you have to pay to the bank if you decide to repay a loan before the end of its term. As a borrower, you may decide to close your loan before time to reduce your borrowings and monthly interest burden.

When does an offer Lapse?

An offer lapses if one or more conditions are not fulfilled. An offer to buy goods, for example, is made on the assumption that they will remain in the same condition until acceptance; it lapses if that ceases to be the case.

Suretyship - Explained

It may happen that your monthly income and total net assets value does not meet the financial institution's requirements in order for that institution to provide you with the full amount of the loan that you have applied for.

General Selling Costs

Costs Associated With The Process of Selling Property

What is Switching?

The South African Property market is extremely competitive as the financial institutions fight for market share. So, you, as the consumer can benefit from this. Switching simply means moving your home loan from one financial institution to another.

Home Loan Protection and Life/ Disability Assurance

By taking out a Home Loan Protection policy, you will ensure that the outstanding balance on your home loan is paid, in such tragic circumstances as death, disability or retrenchment.

Ongoing Home Loan Costs.

Your bank is a business which, while providing you with finance you with finance to purchase a home, also needs to generate an income to cover its overheads and be a profitable institute. Therefore, you pay bank charges on for example your current account, savings account or home loan.

How do attorneys manage your Deposits?

You saved for a deposit on your property. Where has it gone? Attorneys hold your money in trust while waiting for the bond registration and transfer of the property. There are three types of trust money, covered by legislation:

Homeowner's Insurance

The financial institution (bank), which grants your home loan, will insist that the property be covered by Homeowner’s Insurance. They will take out the insurance on your behalf or you can submit your own insurance, provided you supply the bank proof that is insured on an annual basis. The bank need to ensure that the property, including all the buildings on it, the swimming pool, the borehole/pumps, the wall, the driveway, and so on, is insured for the full current replacement value.

Property as an Investment

Property as an Investment The purchase of your home is probably the largest purchase that you will ever make. The same care that you take when buying a home should go into property that you wish to purchase as an investment. Perhaps even more so, because of the financial implications of the property that is bought as an investment. It is important that you are not pressurized by estate agents, your spouse, yourself or anyone else. You need to take your time over your investment decision and consider all of your options.

What is Mortgage Origination?

What is Mortgage Origination? Applying for a home loan can be a very time consuming and involved process. Mortgage Origination can assist you in applying for a home loan or building loan, form the various major banks.

The 'CPAs' cooling off Period

The ‘CPAs’ cooling period – Explained! An Offer to purchase became a legal and binding Sales Agreement between and buyer and seller, the very instant that the seller signs the contract (generally the buyer would have already signed it before the offer was presented to the seller). Therefore, it is imperative that you are 100% sure that the offer you make on a property is one that you are not going to regret.

Home Loan Rate Options.

Banks offer several different Home Loan Rate Options to ensure that you are able to manage your home loan repayments. Each bank has different options and may even call these options by different Names. This is a comparison of the most common options

The Role of- and Benefits of Dealing with Estate Agents.

When buying property, there is no doubt that you will need professional assistance to conclude a successful deal. As in most industries, there are good and poor professionals... in the property industry too. The majority, however, are reputable professionals who aim to do the best job possible.

What is a Mortgage (Bond Or Home Loan)

A Mortgageable property allows the buyer to apply, to a financial institution (bank), for a home loan by using the property he buys, as security for obtaining the loan. in other words, if you don't repay your home loan, the bank will take your property to recover its losses. Home loans are usually repayable over 20 years. Some banks allow to pay it over a period of up to 30 years, depending on the amount of the loan and your financial situation, but this is a costly alternative in the long run. 

Government Housing Subsidies- Explained

As South African, it is a basic human right enshrined within our Constitution, to have access to adequate housing, amongst other basic rights. our Government is obligated to use reasonable Legislative and another measure within its available resources, to achieve the progressive realisation of this right!

The Deposit

Start Saving In the last few years, the banks have all changed their home loan leading policies, Unless you are a first- time home buyer and comply with certain requirements laid down by the bank, you can no longer obtain a loan equivalent to 108% of the property's value (meaning that full purchase price plus another 8% for the hidden cos'). In fact. in certain instances, you may only qualify for a loan equivalent to as little as 60% of the purchase price and the rest (including the registration and transfer cost) will have to be paid out of your pocket.

The Different Legal Entities in which to own Property

What is ....? Natural Person - A Natural Person is defined as not a Company, CC or Trust. If You Purchase property in your own name, it is bought as a Natural Person Company/ CC - A Company/ CC is a separate legal entity or personality Partnership - A Partnership is NOT a separate legal entity or personality. When Purchasing property in a Partnership, All partners enter into the contact as a Natural Person Trust - A Trust is not a separate legal entity or personality, although contracts are included in the name of the trust (represented by the trustees )

Property Auctions Tips for Buyers

South Africans are not used to buying a residential property through auction sales. A property that is being auctioned usually conjures up pictures in the minds of people of liquidations and insolvencies. However, in counties like Australia, the largest percentage of residential Buying a property at an auction sale does not mean that you are going to get a bargain. Properties sold on auction are not necessarily forced sales. It is therefore important that you do your homework before purchasing.

Buying Off-Plan Developments

Pros & Cons to mull when buying property off-plan

The Ticks and Crosses

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying off plan

Mandates - Explained!

Understanding a mandate instruction

Occupational Rent

Occupational Rent explained

Home Loan Initiation Fee

Home Loan Initiation Fee explained

Smart Homes

Home Automation

Buying Privately

The opportunistic private buyer

The cost of selling, due to unaffordability...

The unaffordability check ....


Smart home adoption is on the rise globally, and while affordability and infrastructure have prevented rapid uptake in South Africa, this is beginning to change

Black Friday Specials

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Buying or Selling a Rented Home

Buying or Selling a property with an existing lease agreement ....

The Point - Pytchley, Bryanston

New Development Launch in Bryanston



Brand New Development Invitation

“Superior to all others” No Transfer Duty 50% Sold Out Underconstration Occupation November 2019 The Point Rivonia is a sophisticated and luxurious residential retreat that reflects the magical merging of inspiration and architecture. This premium, 78 unit, secure development is inspired by glorious modern apartment living. The building will be a masterpiece of design delivered through unrivalled craftsmanship, featuring a soaring five storey arrangement of well-appointed 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units.

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